The company started its activity in 1977, with a small organization working as a supplier of stainless steel components.

We manufacture premier stainless steel submersible pumps. Our reputation of excellence is earned by a team of engineering experts capable to design innovative, cost effective and efficient pumping equipment. The technology we apply in pressing, forming and welding stainless steel components is achieved through many years of experience. Our products are internationally recognized for design efficiency, long service life, and operating economy. Our pumps are utilized in a wide range of applications including residential, commercial and industrial installations. Pumps that wear the E-Tech name have a reputation of excellence.
Brand is property of Franklin Electric S.r.l.
The company started its activity in 1977, with a small organization working as a supplier of stainless steel components. In the following years the knowledge and experience had a continuous growth, focusing the major efforts on the deep drawn stainless steel cold stamping.
The company decided to widen its presence in the market pursuing and succeeding in enlarging the number of its customers who were consolidated among the major users of stainless steel components in the pump-sector worldwide.
An extremely significant turning point was in year 2000, when the management decided to start the production and selling of the borehole stainless steel 6" pump, giving birth to the brand "E-Tech".
Just a couple of years later the range was widened with the 8" borehole pump and the 5" close-coupled pump.
The realization of these pumps has been quite a natural evolution coming out of many years of experience in the pumps components field and, most of all, in the technology of the deep drawn cold stamped stainless steel.
2009 has marked another historic moment for the company, in fact since the beginning of that year, Vertical has become part of Franklin Electric Co., Inc., the worldwide leader in submersible motors.
Under the products point of view, 2010 has signed the introduction of the surface product line, with the new horizontal and vertical multistage pumps; also in 2010 an important re-design of the 6" borehole pumps series has been introduced in the market.
Today we are present worldwide with our pumps and components, covering all the continents thanks to our valuable customers.

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