Supply 12 Volt
Intensity 7.1 Amp
Max flow 12 lt/m
Max head 25 mt
Diameter 48 mm
Length 450 mm
Pipe 10 mm

The 12V pump for the sampling of ground water is available in two versions: Prevalence 18 meters or 25 meters of water column.
The 12V sampling pump is suitable for use in clear water.
It does not recommend running dry, pumping of oil / solvent and that of sand or silt laden waters.
As an option, the pump for 12V sampling is combined with a flow regulator, which allows sampling in a "LOW FLOW".

bar 1 2 3 4 4,5
litri/minuto 11 8,3 5,5 3,5 2,2

Regulator Flow To The Pump Two inches by sampling 12V

Supply 12 Volt
Intensity 10 Amp
Min flow 1 lt/m
Max flow 12 lt/mt
Connection 12 Volt power outlet