Compound Water Meter Woltman WPV-N


The WPV-N Woltman compound bulk water meter combines a simple design with a high degree of reliability
The WPV compound meter is specially designed for recording extremely variable volumes of water. If there is a fire, for example, amounts of water must be recorded at very large flow rates at a tap connection where a domestic connection meter would normally suffice. In this case, the solenoid valve opens and the volume that has flowed is also recorded by the larger water meter. Typical installation locations are schools, nursing homes, office buildings or supply networks for smaller residential estates. Our combination meters feature a high degree of measurement accuracy, even in the crossover section, as well as low pressure loss at maximum flow.
The water meters are simply designed, durable in operation and are relatively light in weight. The counter of the main meter is designed as a dry dial meter. The secondary counter, usually arranged on the right-hand side, is a wet dial meter. A version with the secondary meter on the left-hand side or with other secondary meter types available is also available on request. Reed contact, optical and NAMUR induction encoders can be retrofitted on the counter of the main meter at any time without damaging the calibration seal. The secondary meter is pulse system-ready as standard and can easily be fitted with a reed contact.

  • Measuring Principle: Woltman Compound Meter
  • Length without connectors:
    • 270 mm
    • 300 mm
    • 360 mm
    • 500 mm
    • 1200 mm
  • Housing Material Cast: Iron
  • Register: Dry Dial
  • Nominal Flow Qn:
    • QN 15
    • QN 40
    • QN 60
    • QN 150
    • QN 250
  • Nominal Diameter DN (mm):
    • DN 50
    • DN 80
    • DN 100
    • DN 150
    • DN 200
  • Temperature:
    • Cold Water up to 30° C
    • Cold water up to 50° C
  • Specified Units on Display: Cubik Meters (m³)
  • AMR Technologies:
    • Reed Pulser
    • Opto Sensor
    • Namur Sensor
  • Metrological Class horizontal (max.): B

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