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Across the world, ZENNER stands for innovation, quality and precision in measurement technology because at ZENNER, we have been developing, producing and marketing innovative measuring equipment for global markets for over 100 years. Every year, we produce and market around three million water meters and more than 140,000 heat meters across the globe.
1903 - The founding of the ZENNER company. Karl Adolf Zenner Snr laid the foundation stone for the present-day company, ZENNER International, in 1903 with the founding of a marketing company for water meters.
1924 - The company’s first water meter comes off the assembly line. In 1924, the Karl Adolf Zenner Water Meter Factory commenced production of its own water meters.
1995 - New product field: heat meters. After 1995, ZENNER broadened its product portfolio. 71 years after the company’s first water meter had left the factory, the first heat meter followed. Its name: multidata S1. The production of heat meters became a successful new field for the company over the following years.
2009 - Innovation: multidata WR3 heat meter energy computer. In 2009, ZENNER introduced one of its most innovative products with the multidata energy computer, since the multidata is multifunctional.
2013 - ZENNER enters the worldwide gas meters market. 2013 ZENNER has formed a gas meter joint venture with the FATO group who is producing gas meters since 2009. ZENNER Metering Technology (Shanghai) Ltd. will produce gas meters for the global market. ZENNER now is migrating into a full-service energy metering provider for the utility industry.
2013 - Ultrasonic technology. ZENNER worldwide brings the new zelsius on the market. The version IUF is ZENNER ´s first self-developed meter with ultrasonic technology.
2014 - ZENNER starts the production of smoke detectors To complete the portfolio for measuring and billing services, the smoke detector EASYPROTECT is developed. It meets the highest standards of quality and durability and is accordingly awarded with the german "Q-Label".
We at ZENNER are internationally active suppliers of systems, products and services for consumption measurement and accounting – particularly of water and heat. With our products and services, we help to protect scarce resources, thereby making an active contribution to saving energy and to environmental protection.

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